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OPT (tm) for Weight Management
OPT (tm) for Seniors
OPT (tm) for Cardio Respiratory Training
OPT (tm) for Performance
Exercise and athletics have always been integral parts of my life. My
mother has been teaching physical education and running
marathons for over 25 years. My father has been playing tennis
competitively for about the same amount of time.

Growing up with parents as fitness role models, I played tennis,
varsity volleyball and swimming in high school and intramural
volleyball tournaments in college. I started resistance training and
running at the age of 15. I kept myself fit through college but then
after I graduated, I entered the sedentary workforce and my fitness
level declined. Does this story sound familiar?

I worked for 3 years doing social service and over 8 years in the high
tech industry while attempting to maintain a certain level of fitness.
But my limited knowledge in training and numerous “sit-down” jobs
eventually affected my overall health causing me back and knee
pains, sprained joints and high cholesterol. A personal trainer friend
of mine, “Jeremy” actually told me that I was “over fat.” This
awareness helped fuel my drive to uplift my situation.

In 2003, after educating myself and applying the principles of proper
fitness training, I reached a very high level of fitness, beyond that of
my college years. I realized my true passion – sharing the wisdom I
gained and helping people get fit. With a double degree in Biology
and Psychology from University of California Santa Cruz, I continued
my studies in technology, biology, psychology, management, and
education and then obtained my certifications for Personal Training.
For over 6 years, I have been a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with
the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

In addition to fitness training and living a healthy and well-balanced
lifestyle, I also enjoy running, mountain biking, hiking, swimming,
playing volleyball and tennis, white water rafting, camping, playing
videogames and traveling. I believe in present awareness and self-
acceptance, in setting and achieving goals and in making fitness a
part of everyday life.
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
- Certified Personal Trainer 6+ years
American Red Cross CPR/AED certified
Me in action....