I am posting a link to the muscle building diet plans on the Muscle and Fitness June 2009 issue. Please
remember to not go too extreme on anything, even on those eggs that they want you to consume every day! Think
about it 1 egg = 70 calories, 7 grams protein. If you don't want to eat eggs everyday, substitute it with some high
protein cereal or a protein drink equivalent to the number of eggs specified on the diet.

Also here is my guideline on dieting when you are
training regularly at least 3 times a week... (this is the daily
goal you need to meet to get an "A" for food intake) :

  • Sodium = no more than 2000 mg per day (unless you are sweating a lot, you won't need more than that)
  • Protein = 1 g per pound of body weight (your muscles need it for building and recovery)
  • Water = 70% of your body weight in ounces
  • Fiber = 20 to 35 grams
  • Weight Loss Calories = Men approx 2000 calories, Women approx 1200-1500 calories plus you need to
    take a hi-potency multivitamin due to the caloric deficit.
  • Muscle Gain Calories = Men approx 3500 calories, Women approx 2500 calories

To get lean, weight train and do cardio for a total of 300 minutes each week while following the above guidelines.

Here is the
link to the M & F 06-09 issue.

OK, OK, the above was made for a 180 lb man :)  I will research more diets and post them here. Ladies, if you
find any diets you want to share give me a holla!

06/08/2009 -

This has been a long delayed announcement but the Body Fat Loss Winner of Winter 2009 is Robert Reynolds!
Robert is a great trainee with excellent determination and effort to attain his fitness goals! His spotlight page will
be up shortly, we even have a video of him lifting some heavy weights - this man is strong I tell ya!

The Summer Contest began quietly on June 1 as two clients joined the weight loss category. No need to mention
names but when you start noticing fellow AF clients transforming themselves rapidly, you'll know exactly who they

Check here for more updates later.