"I was motivated by Dino's before and after
pictures and imagined myself in that position. If
he could do it, I can too. What he has done to
himself inspired me.

I was tired of the way I looked and I wanted to
feel better. His credentials looked impressive too.

After consulting with Dino, I still had some self
doubts due to my eating habits. In addition, I was
not living an active lifestyle."


"Training was a very positive experience,
enlightening and an awakening. It was about
exercising properly, eating right and making the
right choices. I even suprised myself and aimed
even higher. I now eat much more healthfully.

I began the program with high blood pressure,
today my blood pressure is normal! It has been a
great experience, I know a lot more and feel a lot
better. My clothes fit a lot looser, my pants,
even my hats are loser. I dropped 6 inches around
my waistline. I have to start my wardrobe all
over. People around me are commenting about how
good I look, that I look stronger and more
muscular. I surprise people who I haven't see in a
while - they say I look leaner, stand up better
and have put on muscle.

My energy level is now great. After my workouts
with Dino, the rest of the day is easy. I
definitely have more endurance!

Go and see Dino if you want to see results! You
will put on muscle and lose weight. Dino's
personal training is well worth it. Invest in

M, Frank

Dec 2004

228 lbs.
25% bodyfat
41" waist

June 2005

202 lbs.
15% bodyfat
35" waist
Thanks Frank! You
rock! Keep up the great
work you have done!

- Dino